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Building out links through blogger outreach involves knowing how to properly distribute the use of different anchor text. Learn the proper way to do so below.

Anchor Text Distribution

Using anchor text in the right frequency ensures the safest and best results.
It’s important to appropriately spread out the use of different types of anchor text to create a natural profile for your link building efforts.
The following will outline a broad list of the different kinds of anchor text along with their suggested percentages of use.

Exact match keywords are exactly what the name implies. They are an exact match of the keyword being targeted.

If a target page is optimized for a primary descriptor of a certain niche, say, “backyard pool”, and a link uses “backyard pool” for the anchor text, then that would be an exact match keyword.

These anchor texts are the most powerful, however, they should be used sparingly because it is unnatural for links to contain an abundance of exact match keywords which may lead to search penalization and a manual action (getting parts or all of a website’s pages de-indexed from search).

Suggested usage: 1%-5%

Example: Endless Pools has re-imagined the backyard pool for fun, fitness & swimming.

This set of anchor text is more common to use and contains the exact match keyword with other words attached to either side of it within the hyperlink.

Even though it’s not as impactful as exact match, it can be considered the pound for pound best anchor text as it still drives a strong impact on rankings but carries far less worry of overutilization than exact match when taking into account anchor text distribution.

If the exact match keyword is “backyard pool”, then a partial match anchor text could be “re-imagined the backyard pool”.

Partial match will make up the bulk of your anchor text (when considering branded + keyword anchors as its subset) arsenal and will most definitely be the reigning force behind your rankings and organic traffic.

Suggested usage: 15%-30%

Example: Endless Pools has
re-imagined the backyard pool for fun,
fitness & swimming.

Branded anchor text are used for plenty of anchors throughout the internet, because when writers include brand names within their content, they naturally tend to hyperlink to the brand’s website.

Therefore using branded anchor text is the most natural form of anchor text to use.

This type of anchor text falls into the safety zone because it can be used indefinitely without having to worry about any penalties.

It should make up a good portion of your anchor text profile as it will emulate the natural way branded anchors tend to show up across the web.

Suggested usage: 30%-40%

Endless Pools has re-imagined the backyard pool for fun,
fitness & swimming.

This set of anchor text is a nice rendition to the previous just “branded” anchor text as it adds a strong punch by having an exact match keyword attached to it.

This combines the safety net of what a branded anchor text offers with the striking blow of what exact match gives.

Just like the other types of anchor text, even though it has the brand name within the hyperlink, it should still be used sparingly because of the exact match that is attached to it.

Suggested usage: 15%-20%

Endless Pools inground pools are a great way to stay cool in the
summer months along with family and friends.

These anchor texts are a group of different kinds of phrases that are calls-to-action that are grouped into a generic category.

You shouldn't be overwhelmed by using these types of anchors, as they are few and far between and are rarely used.

But, since they do fall into a natural link profile of many websites, they should not be ignored and should be used in the appropriate amount.

Suggested usage: <2.5%

click here , learn more , go here , find out more , continue reading etc.

Any keyword that isn’t a money keyword, meaning that it isn’t at the bottom of a sales funnel (no buyer intent), would be categorized as a variable anchor text.

These anchors can fall into two different stages. At the top of the funnel and at the middle of the funnel.

At the top of the funnel anchors would fall into the awareness stage and would promote researching a product or service.

Anchors that fall into the middle of the funnel or the consideration stage, support solutions.

Suggested usage: <2.5%

top of funnel -> Endless Pools sells different
types of inground pools.
middle of funnel -> Endless Pools supplies the
best inground pools.

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