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In order to effectively use our blogger outreach service the following are recommended optimizations that should be completed beforehand to
ensure the best results.

Recommended On-Page Optimizations

Basic on-page optimizations should be done for blogger outreach to be effective.
For blogger outreach to work in boosting rankings and getting more website organic traffic, basic on-page optimizations should be completed.
Below are seven core tweaks that should be performed for each page targeted with inbound links using a blogger outreach service.
The URL should contain the
keyword that you are targeting.
The title tag should contain the keyword that you are targeting.
The meta description should
contain the keyword that you
are targeting.
There should be only one H1 tag on the page and it should contain the keyword.
The first 100 words after the
H1 tag should have one instance of the keyword being targeted.
There should be one to a couple more instances of the keyword being used in the H2 heading tags.
Within the content there should be a  few more instances of the keyword. A good rule of thumb is, for every 500 words, not
including the first 100 words,
there should be one instance of the keyword used.

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