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Here you can find the most common questions and concerns relating to our blogger outreach service that is used by freelancers, marketers and agencies to increase search rankings and website traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the most asked questions on blogger outreach.
Blogger outreach is the process of reaching out to blogs to either promote content or secure a link placement. As a service it is particularly performed to build links to increase search rankings and website traffic.
You will need to provide the following for each
blogger outreach link secured and published:

-Type of blogger outreach
-Anchor Text
-Target URL
Typically it takes about 30 days for publication. Most of the time articles are posted much faster.
No. Webmasters that publish guest posts on their sites do not allow links within the body of the content. Blogger outreach services, however, make sure that the link is positioned within the body of the written copy.
It’s suggested to align the majority of your link building strategy around using branded and partial match keywords. Also, be aware that we will not be able to accept regional descriptor anchor text that contains either the city or state.
We have our own writing team in place that handles the writing.
Depending upon your chosen target URL, we will consider the keyword optimized for that page and use that in devising a topic idea that would be appropriate for the publishing site. The anchor text selected by you will be indirectly used in a non-promotional manner within the content.
Your link will appear within the body of the content or what is referred to as “in-content”.
No. The content is written without promoting your product or service with a natural in-direct mention of your anchor text, therefore, pre-approval will not be necessary.
Most links will last indefinitely, however we can not control what happens to another blogger’s site. Therefore, we guarantee link placements for up to 90 days.
For In-Content Links Outreach all niches are a go.

For Article Outreach Links we do not accept:

For Premium Article Outreach Links we do not accept:
-Cannabis, CBD

Before ordering you may contact us to discuss if we will be able to support your link building needs.
Yes. Make sure that core on-page optimizations are performed on the page(s) that you will be targeting with links. You can check out our recommended on-page optimizations for helpful insights.

If you have any other questions you need answers to, just reach out to us.

Our goal is to help you grow your business and
we do that by making sure that you are 100% Satisfied
in the work that we deliver.